Welcome To My Music Blog!

Welcome to my music blog! It will be about all areas of music: Teaching, Playing, Performing, Listening, Music Technology.  This will also be a place for my students to get info about lessons, concerts, clinics and cool stuff to share about music as we learn together.  Please leave your comments and connections to your blogs and websites.


2 thoughts on “Welcome To My Music Blog!

  1. Larry is not putting anyone on about the ages of his students.
    I am one of the seniors that he takes the time and patience
    to teach.
    He laughingly refers to me as his oldest six grader.
    I luckily connected with Larry about a year and a half ago and ask if he would take me on as a student. He agreed and I was off on a great journey with a great teacher.
    I have always had a love for the sound of the trumpet and a desire to learn to play. When we started, I could not even read music or was capable of understanding how to make different
    sounds with a trumpet. Last month, Larry told me I was being promoted, to high school no less.
    He is an outstanding music teacher with a kind and gentle demeanor and is extremely devoted to teaching every one
    the pleasures of music

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