Matching Pitch with Elementary Kids

I have been struggling with kids not singing on pitch at my elementary school. Being a guy, it is hard for some of them to sing in the proper voice.  They try to match my pitch range.

When I was at TMEA in February, John Gillian (TMEA Elem Vice Pres) and I were talking about more guys getting into teaching elementary music. I mentioned that I had a hard time getting kids to match pitch. He said, well if you can fix that we could become rich. And then he asked me if I used a recorder to have them match to.  I said, No. Haven’t tried that yet. Well guess what. It works.

Then I got to thinkin‘. Would they match a pitch on an acoustic guitar string. Well they can. So just like I do with my wind players in high school and junior high. I have them match the pitch on the first note or two of the song. It works. 

One more wierd thing…they behave better when I sit in front of them with the guitar, rather than behind a keyboard. Go figure. They must think I cannot see them when I sit behind the piano.

Anyone out there have any comments, please leave them below. And pass my blog around.



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