Summer Music Lessons 2010

What’s different about summer lessons with Larry?  Choose one of these directions or we design a personized program to meet your needs and goals:

Jazz Improvisation – Are you interested in learning how to improvise? We will explore how it is done and get you playing with jazz and blues tracks. Students will also listen to and study recordings of well know jazz or blues player.  For advanced students.

All-Region / All-State Audition Boot Camp – Focus will be on building strength, range and technique. You will work up the required major scales and chromatic scale for fall competitive auditions. You will get a jump start during the summer on the junior high and high school region audition pieces as soon as they become available.  High School Region (All-State) Band, the Region All-State Jazz Band and the Junior High Region (Region and CFISD District band). This includes students that compete in ATSSB auditions.

Nothin’ But Songs – You will spend your whole time playing melodies including songs of your choice. For students who can read music and have a basic understanding of how to play their instrument. For drummers too.

Beginner Programs – A program for students of all ages designed to teach the basics of how to play a musical instrument, read music, and understand how to play expressively.  We cover pitch, articulation, phrasing, dynamics, song forms and styles. Simple songs and melodies are used to teach musical concepts and technique. All instruments.

Lessons are available in 30 and 60 minutes sessions. $15 for 30 minutes. $30 for one hour.

Trumpet, trombone, euphonium, French horn, saxophone, clarinet, flute, guitar, drums. Home school, private school, public school students and adults welcome.


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