My students performed well

This year at the end of the year program I tried two new things.  I put together a marimba ensemble and a choir.

My inspiration was Walt Hampton’s group; Rugare Marimba Ensemble. My marimba group played a song on the Orff xylopones and metalophones that were available to me.  I added two tubanos, a djembe, shakers and two large plastic trash cans.  It turned out really well. So the plan is to get funding for some bass marimbas, then tenor marimbas and then altos and sopranos.

For choir, we sang a few pop tunes.  I did the arrangeme nts based on watching kids from PS22 in Staten Island, NY. What an inspiration Mr. B. and his students are to me.  Check out PS22 online. Click here.

I hope that next year I can do more with my students by offering different kinds of music groups. It is hard to get them interested in anything that takes regular practice.

What say you? I would like to know what you do that is working.


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