Using Music to Develop Academic Success, Dr. Carol Reynolds

I attended the SETHSA Conference this weekend held on the campus of Houston Baptist University. I had the opportunity to hear  Dr. Carol Reynolds present “300 Years of Interaction in Western Music, Arts, History, and Culture.”  It was really eye opening to see just how much music is a part of our culture. And how you can use music to learn about history. And you can use it to develop academic research skills!

Of course here in America, sports is king and kids interested in music are often made fun of.  But when you stop to look at what music does for the brain and your health, how the major medical schools are requiring medical students to learn an instrument or how asian countries include music as a part of their curriculum, we need to wake up. Because their students do better than ours.  So get you kids and yourself involved in music-listening, performing, learning, enjoying.

Check out Dr. Reynolds website: SilverAgeMusic  She has a video clip  to view. We are going to use her program in our home school. So contact me to talk about it.


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