Success in Public School Elem Music Classes

Hey. Just wanted to post about some things that are going well at school. My recorder students are learning to read rhythms and music. I am pushing them almost as hard as I would a beginning band student. And it is working. They are reading rhythms and letter names and fingering at the same time.

My kids singing skills are getting better. Still weak. I found that using a guitar and having them match a pitch gets them a little more focused on good pitch. It  gets tough when you have more non participants than participants. Those classes really drag on.

I played Michael Jackson’s recording of Never Can Say Goodbye to let my elementary boys hear a boy voice. I might be getting a little traction on that one.  I am going to keep playing stuff for them to hear.

I really like the PS22 choir and how much energy and emotion they put into their performances.  I would like to know what Mr. B does to teach them.

If anyone out there is reading and has suggestions or knows about Mr. B please drop me a response. I need to learn more about how teaches his kids, My kids are afraid or reluctant  to put effort into or work at something.


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