Martin Logan Speakers & Bowers and Wilkins Subwoofer

I really like listening to music, it relaxes and refreshes me.  I listen to jazz, acoustic, classic rock, prog rock, vocal, singer song writer…all kinds of music. Well this year for Christmas I received some new speakers to replace the Realistic Optimus 21’s that I bought in the late 1970’s!   So now I really like listening to music.

 Here is what I got…a pair of Martin Logan Motion 4 bookshelf speakers and a Bowers and Wilkins 608 subwoofer.  To my ears this is an amazing sound.  The Martin Logans are super crisp and clean.  They are only a 4 inch bookshelf speaker but the technology behind these speakers offers super clean highs and a midrange that I have not heard in other bookshelf speakers.  They also have a sleek windswept design making them visually interesting.  The Bowers and Wilkins 608 sub is a a sealed subwoofer with a very fast response.  Very tight sound and plenty of volume for my room. It also has lots of different settings that allow you to get your sub matched up to your speakers and the acoustics of the room.

If you have any comments, please share them.  I will share with you what I lokked for when I was shopping for speakers.


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