Share Your Story-Tell why music education mattered to you!

nafme advicacy share_storyTell your story about how music made a difference in your life. Whether it was an elementary music teacher, a middle school or high school a band, orchestra or choir director, your story is important and could keep a school music program in the schools where you are.

You know, it’s funny.  We know, with research to back it, that music makes kids smarter.  People always say: All the smart kids are in music.  Well, the fact is that music makes the kids smarter. Break throughs with at risk kids are happening with drum circles?  Far more dollars (thousands per school) are spent on standardized testing and test prep for the kids than the $150 it would cost for a decent djembe.

What if the math department had to constantly fight to keep algebra in school?  Or ancient Roman history?

So please, in this election year, share how music has made an impact in your life and why you think our children should have the same opportunity or experience.

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