Music Saves Lives

I heard Karl Paulnack speak at the 2013 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) convention in San Antonio.  He spoke about how music saves lives, numinous experiences  and neuroplasticity; Harvard University and the Music, Neuroimaging and Stroke Recovery department.  Some amazing information about what music does for you.  It will make music teachers realize how important music is for kids and parents that have chosen to get their kids involved in music be glad they did so.  Check out the video from TMEA. Only 20 minutes or so long.  Very enjoyable and informative.  A text version is available in the March issue of The Southwestern Musician.

Something happens when we play music together with other people in groups-choir, band, orchestra, elementary music class, drum circles. It causes measurable changes in our bodies that increase our health and well being.  We musicians and music teachers have known this for hundreds of years and now science is proving this to be true.  Musi c is helping stroke victims, people with brain damage and brain disorders, kids with attention and behavior disorder and people with many other physical and psychological issues.  Please watch the video and then tell me what you think.


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