Pound Fit: New Fitness Work Out Craze Uses Drumming

pound-fitMusicians, music educators and philosophers (Plato, Aristotle, Socrates) have known for a long time that playing music, especially playing music together has a positive affect on the mind-learning and intellect, improved memeory, body- physical healing, energy, and the spirit-attitude, outlook, feelings.  Mecial studies, educational studies and now the fitness community are embracing it too!  Here is a fitness work out using drumsticks, rhythm and music that people are really enjoying. And they say the time goes by so fast that they aren’t thinking of it as a workout. Here is a link to a video of a news report Watch video

I use drumming, recorders, singing and playing instruments with my students.  There are notable positive  changes in my students attitude, facial expressions and achievement.  Music is important in school and out.  So I would encourage you to play music.  Contact me and I will help you get involved with music through lessons or in school for your child, a family member or yourself!

– Larry




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