Musescore – Music Writing Software That’s Free!

A while back on of my private music students told me how he liked to write music.  I thought this was really cool because he was only in the 6th grade and knew very little about music.  As I asked him about his music, he told me that he use some free software to write with and play it back.  There are 2 parts to this blog post. One, my student has really matured in his understanding of composing music.  Creating emotion through the melodies he writes for trumpet.  I think this is amazing to see.  The second part is that  downloaded Musescore and have used it for writing music drills / exercises for my music students.  I have used it for my job teaching music in the public school (elementary music).  I can also write out music for the high school and junior high band.

I tried Finale Notepad but never could get it to do what I needed for my private lessons.   I paid for a moderate version of FInale but never used it much.  But I have used Musescore a lot and I find it pretty ease to navigate and there is online help when you don’t know how to do something.

So, try it out.  It’s free.  Go to and you can download it.  There is also a community where you can share and borrow music.

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