Braces and Band Instruments

Don’t Give Up

There is nothing like playing an instrument. And there is really nothing like playing a musical instrument with other people. The school band is a great opportunity for both.

I have been a band director and a private teacher for over 30 years. Braces are a big issue for playing a band instrument because lots of kids get braces.

Less Pressure

I teach my brass students to use less pressure which also helps the braces issue. I cannot emphasize enough to use only the mouthpiece pressure necessary to play the note without leaking air around the mouthpiece

But braces today are not like they were long ago. Some instruments can be played with little or no affect from the braces. But remember that braces are not forever and they will be removed at some point.

Some Instruments are Not Affected By Braces

Woodwinds are not affected as much and neither are Low brass (Tuba, Euphonium, Trombone, Baritone). But that will depend upon the individual. are n

Trumpet Players and French Horn Players

If you play Trumpet or French Horn, then braces may cause some discomfort and may affect the tone quality. I have found 1 products that look very promising for brass players that have braces. Check out these 2 products:

Brace Guard

Jet Tone Lip Protector

Your orthodontist usually has wax that can be used. They may have other suggestions as well.

My suggestions

Less pressure, try different products that help you play better, practice in 10-15 minute sessions. Never, Never, Never Give Up.

Read this really good blog post




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