Make Moments Matter – Elementary Music Website

Here is a really good website for elementary music teachers by David Row in Kansas City, KS.  I stumbled upon it looking for Orff stands for my xylophones, metalophones and glockenspiels.

These students are really fortunate to have a teacher like David!  He has lots of ideas that you can take and use today.  He talks about Orff, Boomwhackers, and more.  One of my favorites is his sign that says: ” Thank You for using the restroom and getting a drink of water before music class.”  His school is much like mine in terms of budget.



2 thoughts on “Make Moments Matter – Elementary Music Website

  1. Larry! I just now found this blog post. Thanks for your nice words here. I’m hope that something that I’ve shared on my blog has helped someone else out. If nothing else, it’s fun to put things down in words and helps me think out my process.

    I know you mentioned Orff stands earlier. I posted again about movable Orff Carts. Check out the post here:

    Thanks again for your nice words! Happy New Year!


    • My pleasure and thank you or supporting others. I am going to check into those Orff stands. I received a TMEA Elem Music grant for $800 and got a bass xylo, an alto xylo and a cart from RBI. The cart is very good, adjustible and is their least expensive. BTW I really like the way you made the photos for your website too. Happy New year and have a great spring. Let’s stay in touch. -Larry

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