Instant MuseScore by Maxwell Shinn

I just read an ebook that you must to read if you want to learn to use or get the most out of MuseScore.  The book is called Instant MuseScore by Maxwell Shinn.  It is an easy to understand instruction book that is technical enough without being to hard also not too easy to be worthless.  The explanations are clear and will really help you get the most out of MuseScore.  There are screen shots from Musescore that help guide you through the process of setting up a new score, writing music and a variety of editing needs.  This book will help lower the learning curve of MuseScore and get you writing music for all types of needs.

Click this link to download the book  It comes in several formats including Kindle and PDF.

One of my private lesson student told me about MuseScore.  Now I use MuseScore to write music for my private lesson students, writing arrangements for high school band and for my elementary music program.  I really like MuseScore (especially since it is free).  It does everything that I need a music writing program to do without the high price tag of the major music writing programs.

Download the book from PACKT.  And tell me how you use MuseScore and what you thing of Instant MuseScore.