Vocal Warm Ups

Tuesday Music

Goooooooooood morning!  Happy Wednesday, May 4, 2011.  :0)

I’ve been recording some of my classes doing their opening vocal warm ups, so that hopefully I’ll be able to include some recordings in this post.  I feel that warm ups are important for several reasons.

1.  They signal the students that class has begun.

2.  My students warm up from first through fifth grade.  The first and second graders use one set of warm ups, third through fifth use a different set, mostly for the sake of variety.  When students hear and sing the same thing every class period for years,  those who have trouble matching pitch get a bit of reinforcement

3.  I specifically ask for pitch matching and head voice.  Warm ups are great for working on posture and vocal production.  My everyday and always learning targets, written on the board are:  Sit up straight.  (I often demonstrate what…

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