You may be good, but are you savvy?

Just wanted to post a wealth of information and thought that is available to you about music careers, the business side of music, why we do what we do and you. I would really like to hear him present here at TMEA or at a University of college.  Here is a quote from David’s page:

 You may be good, but are you savvy?

Success as a professional musician requires much more than talent and luck! Whether hoping to augment your income, stand out from a competitive field, add variety to activities, or erect an empire, savvy musicians find ways to thrive under any circumstances.

THE SAVVY MUSICIAN, by Dr. David Cutler, is a thorough and comprehensive book created to help you 1) build a career, 2) earn a living, and 3) make a difference. It examines critical elements often overlooked or misunderstood by musicians, such as entrepreneurship, product development, branding, marketing, networking, the new recording paradigm, personal finance, funding, relevance, and legacy. This book helps you take control of your career by discovering opportunities that are both prosperous and meaningful.

David’s website –


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