Drumming Your Way to Restful Sleep

Here is a really interesting article from X8 Drums- a brief selection from their post:

Stress and anxiety are major causes of sleep issues, especially insomnia. Insomnia can come in many forms – from the inability to fall asleep at night, or, the inability to stay asleep if the brain suddenly comes back to life in the middle of a sleep cycle. Drumming and rhythm help to reduce or eliminate the “out of sync” rhythms of the mind and body that occur when anxiety and stress are present. Through rhythm, the brain is able to return to a more natural, less panicked state, and with the action of drumming, that energy is physically released, instead of internalized.  Reducing or eliminating those feelings helps us relax, naturally, not to mention the exertion of a really active drumming session will just make a person tired – physically and mentally.

Follow this link for the entire article:

Drumming Your Way to Restful Sleep.


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