Essential Tips for Learning Guitar

Essential Tips for Learning Guitar

(Or any instrument)

The guitar is a popular instrument. Portable, relatively inexpensive, easy enough to learn the basics – and you can take your playing as far as you want. Children of all ages (8-80) learn the guitar every day. Here are some essential things you need to know:

Less Complicated = Better

1. A grateful heart. Be thankful for the opportunity to play music. Have Fun!

2. Have proper expectations.

3. Practice correctly –boxy fingers, good posture and hand position, keep your guitar upright.

4. A good, easy to use tuner. Tune your guitar daily.

5. A guitar that is comfortable for you. One that fits your size and body shape.

6. Stretch your hands, fingers and wrists before you play. Be healthy.

7. Play in Time…Use a metronome.

8. An extra set of strings. Your reserve parachute.

9. FUN, FUN, FUN – Once you have a few basic skills, find songs that you enjoy, that you get excited about playing music.

10. Leave your guitar out where you can see it (in a safe spot). Out of sight, out of mind.

11. Play out strong. Play over the sound hole. Don’t be a secret guitar player. We learn from our mistakes.

12. Practice, Practice, Practice. A little every day is better that a lot once in a while.

13. Slow and correct beats fast and sloppy.

14. Learn to listen. To music. To your own playing.

15. Learn a little music theory. Learn to read music and TABS.

16. Play using fingers and using a pick.

17. Play music with others as often as possible.

Larry Shudra


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