TMEA (Texas Music Educators Assoc.) 2015 So Energized!

1654167_10152666241270823_6423826009844464723_nI just got back for TMEA in San Antonio and I feel so energized by the sessions, concerts, vendors and talking with other music teachers.

The most important point is that in 3 days/one location you can see clinics, hear concerts of amazing organizations, peruse sheet music and music education literature, test play instruments and share ideas with other music educators. ALL IN ONE PLACE.

TMEA is the largest music education convention and clinics event in the world. I was fortunate that my school district allowed me to go and assisted in financing the costs of attending.

This year the Elementary presenters were so good: Debbie Imiolo, Kalani Das, Steve Campbell Dancing Drum, Rochelle Mann, Denise Gagne, Cherie Hering, Cheryl Lavender, . John Jacobson, Sandy Lantz and Patrick Lollis. I am sure I missed some but you get the point.  One of the most fun things to do is to really participate in the clinics/sessions. I got to jam with Kalani!  Getting involved really puts you into the place your students are in during your classes and makes you think hard about how you approach teaching music.

There are also concerts by honor groups that submitted audio or video recording to be selected to perform. For instance Fara Bango from Katy! Wow! Lister Elem School Choir and Orff Ensemble

I can’t tell you how many famous musicians, music educators, composer and other people connected to music education that I have met at TMEA over the years.

To find out more about TMEA go to There are links to the convention, music advocacy convention PDFs and teaching materials.


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