“5 Ways in which Kids Benefit from Learning a Musical Instrument” By Justine Pierre

Some really great reasons to make music a part of your child’s life experience and your own as well.

The Forever Years

 justine easy to upload FYMeet Justine

Justine Pierre is a  musician and teacher based in Dunedin, New Zealand. While her primary instrument is flute, she also teaches recorder, clarinet, ukulele and an after school programme for primary school aged children called “Let’s Make Music”. She is the Senior Tutor for Flute, Ukulele and LMM for Saturday Morning Music Classes.

Contact Justine:

Facebook.com/ justine’s-flute-page

Facebook.com/ Saturday-morning-music-classes-dunedin


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  1. Strengthen Neurons/Brain Development

A neuron is a nerve cell which transmits information around the body (think of them as brain cells). A synapse is a connection which helps information pass from one neuron to another. Think of it like a bridge. The more the synapses are used, the stronger the bridges become. The best way to strengthen a synapse is repetition – a key factor in learning a musical instrument. The more your child practices their instrument, the stronger the synapses become and therefore the stronger the…

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One thought on ““5 Ways in which Kids Benefit from Learning a Musical Instrument” By Justine Pierre

  1. Thanks for reblogging our post from “The Forever Years”. We will let Justine Pierre know too. Music really is so important and beneficial to children as their brains develop 🙂

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