Stay in Music Middle School

I encourage everyone to be in music. Parents, get your kids involved in music. There are lots of things that you can learn to do by yourself. But Music is the one thing that you have to do with others. You can’t be in an ensemble, band orchestra or vocal group by yourself. And it all starts in Middle School.  I just found these great videos that answer the questions that students and parents ask me about joining a music group in Middle School (Band, Orchestra or Choir).Click here to watch Stay in Music

I want all of my students to be in music in middle school. Music was a huge part of my high school life and I could not have done it if I did not start in middle school.

This video answers questions like:

Yes you can be in sports and music.

Yes you can be in music if you cannot afford an instrument. You might find that music is not as expensive as sports when you consider fees, uniforms, and sports equipment.

Yes you can make you schedule work with your academics.

I encourage you to enroll in music. Adults it’s never too late for you either. Contact me and I would be delighted to talk with you about music lessons, joining middle school music programs.


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