3 Tips for Playing Guitar Chords Cleanly

I got this from Acoustic Guitar by David Hamburger. It is a very good explanation of how to make your chords sound better on your guitar. Continue reading


Free Christmas Songs – Chord Melody

I found some really nice arrangements of Christmas songs by Richard Scott. They are called: Chord Melody songs. Which means that the melody of the song is heard as you play the chord.  These are probably not for the earliest or youngest beginner. But they are playable with a little practice.

Have fun!

Christmas Guitar Chord-Melody Arrangements


James Taylor Sweetened Tunings for Guitar

Kathy and I went to hear James Taylor this summer at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Great concert. And his guitars sound so good.

The next day or so I went to his website and watched his instructional videos. How to play his songs. And then…I found this instructional video by James Taylor on Sweetened Tunings or Tempered Tunings.

One video in particular James Taylor’s YouTube channel, he discusses tuning the guitar slightly flat to compensate for fretting notes and better runing across different keys. He has figured out a system of relative tuning, sweetened tuning or tempered tuning to make a guitar “sound” in tune.  I am not usually happy with mu guitar sound by tuning my guitar with a digital tuner and end up messing with the B, E and e and then on and on it goes.

James Taylor has figured out how to tune each string slightly flat; each by a particular number of cents. For this to work for those of you playing at home, you’d need a tuner that displays cents.  A cent is one one-hundredth of a half step. Each half step being divided into 100 equal parts.

Here is the formula from the video:

E    A   D   G  B  e
-12 -10 -8 -4 -6 -3

Peterson Tuners have a sweetened tuning setting that compensates for you.  Peterson tuners are top of the line.  I used a Peterson Strobe tuner as a band director. Go to their website for more information http://www.petersontuners.com

Watch the James Taylor video!

Got an instrument as a gift? Want to play music better sooner?

Did you receive an instrument like a guitar, drums or a new brass instrument?  Maybe you gave one as a gift. Private lessons are a great gift to give someone or even yourself.

Get started playing music right with private lessons.  Private lessons are available during the holiday break, giving you an opportunity to get a jump-start on making music.  In the meantime, check out the Free Music on my website.  Got questions, contact me.

Making music is a great New Year resolution.  We know that playing music with others is fun and has great benefits on your health, well-being and even your brain!  More and more adults are realizing the benefits of playing music.  It’s not just for kids, music is good for everyone.

Learn to play music that you like. Whether it is country, rock. contemporary Christian, folk, classical or jazz, I can help you with any music.

Looking forward to hearing from you right now.


Playing Solos & New Lesson Times On Mondays

Playing solos are one of the best ways that students improve as players.  Ensembles are good too, but you do not have rely on someone else when you play a solo.

November and December are the times that you need to select your solo and wood shed the parts.. This is a busy time of year and there are many things that will get in the way of your practice time.

So start early and get your solo selected, purchased and framed out.  Use January to polish your performance by working on the expression and flow.  Then you will have beneficial and efficient rehearsals with your accompanist.  BTW-Your accompanist is not responsible to teach you the notes and rhythms…that’s ON YOU!

Contact me. I can help you prepare your solo.

New Lesson Times Available – Monday Evenings 430 – 9 PM

Fairfield, Salyards MS, Cypress Ranch HS, Cypress Woods HS, Waller HS, Music Lessons

Summer 2013 Music Lessons

Have you been thinking about private music instruction to improve your playing or to help you learn to play an instrument?

Now is the time to sign up for private music lessons for the Summer of 2013.  I am offering all of the instruments listed on my home page and private lesson page. Simply click on the tabs at the top of the page.

Lessons are taught in my home studio in the Fairfield subdivision in Cypress, Texas.  US 290 / Fry Rd / Mason Rd

My teaching schedule is flexible.  And I work around your summer schedule.  All I ask is that you show up when you said you would. 😉

Beginners, Advanced and Come-Back players welcomed.