Times, Location & Fees

Younger students should take a lesson every week, otherwise the success rate is very low.

Lessons are typically 30 minutes. More and more of my students take an hour lesson once week.

Adults are different. I have had success with weekly or bi-weekly lessons for adults.


$15 per half hour.  $30 per hour.

Lessons During the School Year

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday 4:30 – 9 PM

Summer Lessons

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Afternoons & Evenings

Missed or Cancelled Lesson

Please contact me one day in advance to cancel a lesson.  I have set aside my time to work with you or your child.

Music Lessons Calendar

Because our lives are busy, schedules change. Please call or contact me for available times or to be placed on my waiting list.


2 thoughts on “Times, Location & Fees

  1. MR.SHUDRA! Remember me? Erin Pearce, Purple group, Miss. Kmiec’s class, 3rd Grade! Your good at A LOT of things! Your great at the guitar, you have a website, you play the piano, AND WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE! -ERiN<3

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