WNOP The Jazz Ark, Radio Free Newport – Audio, Photos and Stories

WNOP 740 AM The Jazz Ark

WNOP 740 AM The Jazz Ark

Does anyone remember WNOP AM 740 in Cincinnati, Ohio? The Jazz Ark. Radio Free Newport.  The station used to be on Monmouth Street then moved to a floating studio on the Ohio river at the foot of Columbia Street.  Floating Freely on the Ohio River as they used to say. Ray Scott, Bob Knave, Dick Pike, Leo Underhill, Max Warner, John Royer, Bunky Tadwell, Bill Nemmo, Paul Harvey News,  Shelley Berman station IDs WNOP-Weep Not Old Peanut.  Wow these photos have brought back memories.  I hope that you enjoy your time here.

Steve Cumming sent me a 1977 aircheck for WNOP.  Wow, I wish now that I did not throw out all of those cassette recordings from the late 70’s early 80’s my dad made for me of on air broadcasts.  At least we have these.  Thanks Steve!

Below are two audio tracks from WNOP broadcasts. I have 2-3 more including a 1986 Max Warner WVXU broadcast- one hour audio that my dad recorded off the air and onto cassette tape.  Go to my Drop Box account by clicking on this link. Drop Box WNOP folder  Here you can listen to all of the sound filesof John Royer, Max Warner and Leo Underhill. You can also download these files from dropbox if you wish. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jzq7masbo4dd4rz/AAC0b52zttrRZIdpRY6okS25a?dl=0

Sent in by Ed “Mad Man” Maphet – a  YouTube video link to a Leo Underhill interview in 1975. Click here.

Here is a link to a write up about the History of WNOP from Jazz 98.5   Click here.

Please send me you sound files and any photos! I would like to post them for everyone to enjoy.  And, please join in the conversation about WNOP!


Max Warner sitting in for Ray Scott

Leo Underhill

Hope You Don’t Die Tonight-a video interview with Leo Underhill about his On Air heart attack:



Click on any of the photos to enlarge them.

Here is a Youtube link of a Geoffrey Nimmo WNOP broadcast:

WNOP Geoffrey Nemo graphic



WNOP and the frozen Ohio River


WNOP with boats docked next to it. Courtesy of the Kenton County Public Library

WNOP Kenton Library 1

Photo of WNOP from the L&N Bridge Courtesy of the Kenton County Public Library


Courtesy of the Kenton County Public Library


WNOP with Riverfront Stadium across the Ohio River. Courtesy of the Kenton County Public Library

WNOP's Ray Scott

WNOP’s Ray Scott – Courtesy of the Kenton County Public Librar


102 thoughts on “WNOP The Jazz Ark, Radio Free Newport – Audio, Photos and Stories

  1. Absolutely! WNOP was one of the very best jazz stations in the world. What a shame it’s gone. But it’s legacy persists in local late night FM stations and even an AM station. Long live the memory of the station, but the music lives on.

    • Gary-Thanks for the comments. Me and a good friend of mine drove down there one evening and the DJ on duty invited us in for a “tour.” I used to listen to that station all the time. My dad recorded some of the Saturday morning Max Werner Big Band Bash and Dance Party shows while I was in college and would mail them to me. Good times. Thanks

  2. One morning Leo Underhill commented, as usual, about his under-the-weather state from the night before. Upon seeing a coal-laden barge approaching on the river, he told us he would put on a very long track so he could step ashore while the barge’s wake rocked the floating studio. Otherwise, he suggested, there would be a helluva mess and he simply wasn’t in the mood to clean it up.

    Somehow, you just knew you were hearing the truth.

  3. I remember Dick Pike coming into the studio with bare feet on an icy morning. Leo asked why he came to work in his socks. Pike said he had just bought an expensive pair of alligator shoes, and while wlaking on the landing to the jazz ark, he slipped and fell on the ice, and one of the shoes flew into the river. He tried to get it out, couldn’t, got mad and “threw other damn one in after it”. I was in tears!

    • Not to my knowledge. It was the only AM Jazz radio station that I am aware of. I was not living in Cincinnati when it changed to a Catholic religious station. So I am not clear on the details.

  4. Cincinnati JAZZ is DEAD a cold corps on a door step. WNOP 740am, WCIN 1480am, THE WAVE 94.9fm, WVXU 91.7fm . WOBO 88.7fm and WMKV 89.3fm are hit and miss on the jazz format. Now and then you can still here BOB NAVE on JAZZ ARTS ALIVE on 89.3fm at night but you would need to check the time and day for this program. WNOP still lives on for those who have tapes LP’s CD’s that where played on NOP. If you have recorded some of the shows on tape then put them on a CD. DON NO DEAL aways say NOT AVAILABLE AN ANY STORE.

    • My dad recorded some of the Max Werner Saturday Big Band Bash and Dance party shows on cassette. He would mail them to me while I was going to Baylor University. Might still have them somewhere.

    • GOOD OLD DAYS. Your tune to jazz radio 740 WNOP in Newport Kentucky I’m the GRAY WOLF RAY SCOTT aboard the JAZZ ARK on this sunny day getting ready for our upcoming JAZZ FEST 83 AT STONE VALLEY this Saturday. Jack Sheldon Cal Collins Ron Mccroby John Von Ohlen and many more will be there. Get your jazz fest 83 tickets at any KING QUICK store or here at the station during business hours its not to be missed. Oscar Treadwell with station ID. JAZZ ALL DAY EVERY DAY ON WNOP NEWPORT KENTUCKY. Up next is Jack Sheldon and Bill Berry with Lester Leaps In from his Singular album this will take us up to UPI NEWS and when we come back we’ll here from Rob Mcconnell and the Boss Brass.(JUST FRIENDS was the song that Ray played) also note that this song was Max Warner opening song on his Tuesday night big band jazz on WVXU 91.7 FM in later years. However SUPERSAX played this song not Rob Mcconnell on Max show. Back from the brake BOB NAVE taking over the watch abroad the JAZZ ARK lets go with Wes Montgomery from his BUMPIN album (now on CD) with a song title Tear It Down. Other song that were played on that day CROSSWIND (now on CD) Midnight At Bentley’s, George Benson – Breezin any song from this disc is a good one and THE BLUE WISP BIG BAND with Love For Sale. Most of the WISP LPs and CDs have liner notes that was written by MAX WARNER, BOB NAVE AND RAY SCOTT so if you wish to relive history check this stuff out. Now it’s sign off time Ron Mccroby closes with the national anthem. TUNE in tomorrow with Leo (Old Undies) Underhill to start a new day so from everyone here at the ARK have a GOOD NIGHT. (WNOP SERVING THE TRI STATE WITH REAL JAZZ AND TO THE REST OF THE WORLD ON THE INTERNET @ REAL JAZZ 740.COM.

      • I think I was 19 or 20 when I went to the 1st Stone valley jazz fest. What a great event. Groups camped or just lounging everywhere on the hillside with a stage full of great talent all day down below. Everyone was so friendly, sharing a corner of a blanket and great eats from their grills. Coolers with beverages of all kinds. What a wonderful day that was! Thanks to WNOP for making it possible. Wish there was something comparable now, both the Fest and the radio staion!

  5. I learned to Love Jazz and Great AM radio thanks to WNOP. I suspect I was one of the few folks that Listen to Radio Free Newport back in the 60’s . I even brought a “How’s your Bird ” sweatshirt !

    • Very cool. I met Leo one time in the evening at the station. My friend and I drove down there and were looking at it from the outside. He was outside on a small landing attached to the “Ark” taking a break while a song was playing. He invited us in and we took the 2 minute tour. He was very nice to us, a couple of goofy high school kids. I am having so much fun getting comments from people about WNOP. And I am surprised that folks are finding this blog. I listened to WNOP in Jr Hi & HS. Then my mother started listening in the mornings. She enjoyed Leo and him saying “I got ahold of some bad stuff.” She also enjoyed listening to Richard King on 55 WKRC. Reading names out of the Cincinnati phone book. Thanks. Would like to hear you share more.

      • Same here. That 1000 watt signal began to fade just before then while as a kid listening up in my room at home back in Hamilton.

  6. This is WNOP and now it’s time for the laugh machine. Many of you ask HOW’S YOUR BIRD? Go to youtube type in Jack Sheldon – The Falcon and you will know for sure. The LAUGH MACHINE was used to play comedy tapes during breaks. Here is some more that where played on WNOP . BILL COSBY but I forgot the joke that he used that day. JIM BACKUS from his Comedy Classics CD with THE DIRTY OLD MAN , HUDSON AND LANDRY from the best of hudson & landry CD AJAX LIQUOR STORE, MONTAGUE FOR GOVERNOR,AJAX MORTUARY,BRUISER LA RUE and many more from this disc that was played over the air. I have these CD’s but Jack Sheldon-The Falcon is not one of them but all of the others can be heard on youtube. More good news BOB NAVE is on JAZZ ARTS ALIVE on 89.3FM WMKV from 9 to 10 at night on Sunday and I think again on Monday from 10 to 11 pm this station also can be heard online. WNOP sign off 12-31-2000 but on the 27 of December they had a party in an old movie house in Cincinnati many of the old NOP DJ’s and well known Jazz players were there. My favorite was CAL COLLINS I had my picture taken with him he was the best player there. CAL like WNOP will be remember for the good times that they gave to us good music and good times Also CAL was a personal Friend to my cousin RON BRAMLAGE who played Sax with CAL and stills plays jazz in Cincinnati today. Know it’s time for me to sign off BOB NAVE wishing everyone a night. EUROPA is played from GATO BARBIERI – CALIENTE CD. LOU RAWLS sings the national anthem. (WNOP SERVING THE TRI STATE WITH REAL JAZZ AND TO THE REST OF THE WORLD ON THE INTERNET @ REAL JAZZ 740.COM.

      • Wow! Bad typing.. Go to bed, Eddie. HOW’S YOUR BIRD is on youtube. Sheldon does it on a tv show. Rileybird is ok.

    • And now for the million dollar question What is the lp that RAY SCOTT is holding in the Cincinnati post picture? Cal Collins: In San Francisco. THANKS to all who still care about this great station.

  7. My musical education would have been sorely lacking if I hadn’t been able to listen to WNOP when I was in high school.

    • I too listened to WNOP in Jr Hi and High School. I think back to that and my friend’s father who took me to jazz concerts. Those two things made a huge impact on my music education. Thanks for the comment!!

  8. Wasn’t there a CD produced right before the end? I seem to recall that occurring right at the end of the Jazz Ark age. I kick myself regularly for not springing for one at the time.
    For a while in the late 70’s early 80’s I lived in Findlay, Ohio and couldn’t wait till I crested the hill at Miamisburg and could reel in the signal.
    Did any of you all attend the Stone Valley Jazz Festivals?

  9. Thanks for the great pic of the Jazz Ark. If if If you are willing to post it on this web site, I’d be willing to share a 6-hour aircheck (recording) of WNOP from August 17, 1977. I started to record during Leo Underhill’s show at about 7am and it rolled for 90 minutes. Then resumed during John Royer’s afternoon show and took it all the way to sign off with Max Werner sitting in for the vacationing Ray Scott. Interested?

    • That sounds like a great idea. How do I get the photo to you? My dad recorded some of the Saturday morning Max Werner shows and mailed them to me when I was going to Baylor University in Waco. I still have the cassettes…I think?

  10. If anyone has any on air recordings of WNOP, I would love to have a copy. Steve sent me 4 or so. There has to be more out there somewhere. I had some but they got thrown out in a house cleaning frenzie.

  11. Many years ago, my wife and I were in a jazz club downtown and Leo was a few tables over with some of his drinking buddies. Mark Murphy was singing with the Dee Felice band. After one song, Leo says, “Hey Mark, sing “Sand in My Shoes”. That’s my favorite piece.” Without missing a beat, Dee says, “Leo, your favorite piece died in Newport 30 years ago.”
    Keep a loose wig on.

  12. My Uncle was Ray Scott .. I used to walk by the station as a kid and he would call me into the station and load up my small arms with old 45’s … He was and always will be a big part of my musical background.. I have a song I wrote on the new Johnny Cash album “Out Among The Stars” coming out March 25, 2014.. Thanks to you Ray and your dear talented brothers .. Them 8 Scott boys were originals … What an honor ..

  13. I had heard We Never Offend Pigeons. Ray Scott…too tired to work and overpaid…or something like that. They didn’t announce school closings when it snowed, then announced bar closings.

    • Let me see if I can add to that: Ray Scott, he’s got it made, but he’s too tired to learn a trade. He’s under worked and overpaid on WNOP—-Newport…….

      • I still laugh at that after all these years. What a great bunch of guys who enjoyed what they did, entertained us and made us laugh, too. Nothing like it before or since.

      • Hey Jan, Ray Scott was my uncle and when the station was in Newport on Monmouth street I would walk by the station window and Ray would wave me in and load me up with 45’s…. I was 9 years old.. All the Scott Bros. “8 of them” Were very talented and the music has lived on and will..
        My wife and I are researching the Scott Clan for a documentary hopefully to be presented by next year titled’ “Out Of The Dark” I myself and brother Arliss Scott have quite a history thanks to our Uncles.. The story will be told… Any and all info on Ray and the station would be of great help.
        Do not hesitate to contact us with further information.. Thanks so much Larry for continuing this wonderful blog…

  14. So glad I stumbled upon this delightful chunk of Cincinnati radio history! I had the pleasure of working at WNOP, doing 2p-6p weekdays, for about 9 months in 1998. My air name was Scott McKay. By then, the studios were located in The Jazz Mansion on Spring Grove Road (Ave?), not far from Camp Washington Chili and the Jergens plant. While I don’t recall playing any comedy, I did try to keep the fun spirit of the place alive with offbeat birthday horoscopes and Poor Scotty’s Almanac, which was true Today in History items, but with a funny twist. Back then, the Internet was just catching on, so I also did a daily feature called The Real Jazz 740 Afternoon Online Coffee Break, that offered an interesting link to something at a website online. During my time at WNOP, we were live 6a-9p and operated from 9p-6a, at about 37 watts on automation. In May of that year, Frank Sinatra died. Before I went in for my airshift, I downloaded and printed out some bio and career information about him, and grabbed what Sinatra CDs I had. During my shift, I’d play a few of his tunes each hour, with jazz versions of other songs he was famous for. I’ve got the tape and if I ever get it digitized, I’ll post it online somewhere and pass along the link. I left Cincinnati in 2000, for sunnier climes in San Diego and I was very sad when I heard WNOP had changed owners and dropped its jazz format. Though I was only there for less than a year, working there was an honor and a true highlight of my radio career!

    • Scott, Thanks for a great addition to this little blog about WNOP. I left Cincinnati in 1977 to go to college and only returned to visit my parents in Pleasant Ridge. So I was really out of touch with WNOP by then. Houston does/did not have much of a jazz presence on radio making me miss what I had back in Cincinnati. I am looking forward to others adding to the WNOP conversation. Thanks again Scott. Would love hear the tape. Steve Cumming might be of some help.

  15. One of the most exciting days of my life occured when I got the call from Ray Scott to host weekend afternoons on WNOP. At the time I was part of group of radio and television majors who produced a weekly half hour comedy/music interview program, called ‘Bargin’ In’, that Ray was kind enough to let air on the station. That led to the call in 1974 from Mr. Scott and I am forever greatful. At 21, I was thrilled at the chance of being a part of such a unique station but at the same time a bit intimidated by the lineup of seasoned and first rate talent that anchored the Jazz Ark. Leo Underhill, Ray Scott , Max Warner and Bunky Tadwell were class guys whose dry wit and musical knowledge made listening to jazz on AM radio something special. They were also nice enough to welcome me and offer helpful advice. Working in 3 steel drums floating on the river was fun. I remember the day when an empty barge going full speed down river(I’m suspecting the pilot was under the influence) created such a huge wake that the needle jumped off the record playing and at that moment, someone opened the steel door to the Ark over the steel dock and then it slammed down so hard that the bottom third of the door curled up. I remember the river rising over our parking lot on the bank and I could still see the top of one the cars. There was the day I was waving to people walking on the river. The year was 1977 when the Ohio froze solid. And the day the station lost power and the turntables stopped. I realized the bar next door still had power, so I ran an extension cord over the outside railing to the audio board and we were again on the air. Then there were the wine parties in the parking lot. Oh my! But what made working at WNOP really fun was playing and listening to a huge catalogue of jazz and comedy that could be found nowhere else. The attitude of ‘just have fun and respect the music’ came through to the listeners and that made it special. It was a special time for me and I will always be greatful for having been the given that opportunity. I will never forget the Jazz Ark.

    WNOP – Why Not Okay Peeping

    • Len, thanks for the comments. I remember listening to you in the 70’s. A couple of times I went down there in the evenings and whoever was on the air took time to visit and let me in. It was so cool to actually see what you had been listening to. Thanks!

    • Len, thanks for the kind words about my dad, Bunky Tadwell. He’s still a class guy and just as knowledgeable as he ever was.

    • Len, I’m not sure you remember me…..I was the little blonde haired nuisance running around the Ark when papaw was spinning his 45s…..up and down the stairs……always listening to comedy records in the recording booth next to the main on air room upstairs

      • Sorry that I did not approve this comment sooner. It slipped past me. I remember listening to Ray Scott in the afternoons in middle school and high school. I delivered the Cincinnati Post and listened on my paper route. He MC’d a few concerts I got to attend – Maynard Ferguson, Woody Herman, Stan Kenton, Bill Watrous and some others.

  16. I was playing jazz on the Miami University station in the mid-70s, WMUB Oxford (now a repeater for the Xavier University station), and would have given my eye teeth to have a weekend gig on ‘NOP.

    WNOP – Weep Not, Old Peanut

  17. How nice to see WNOP remembered. My dad was (and still is) Bunky Tadwell. I grew up listening to this station. It certainly has left its imprint on my DNA. Keep up the good work on this site.

  18. Thanks, Steve, for the offer to digitize my WNOP tapes. I have the gear to do it – it’s just a matter of taking the time to get it done. The set-up I used, for making airchecks, was a real Rube Goldberg affair. By 1998, when I was there, all the music during the live hours of the broadcast day, was on CDs. Spots, promos, etc – as well as the music library – was on the computer for the automated hours. No cart machines, turntables or cassette machines in the air studio. On the days I would run an aircheck, I tuned my radio at home to WNOP and fed the audio into a 6 hour VHS tape. This way, I got the full 4 hours of the show, unscoped. Once I get around to it, I’ll dig up the videotapes and do playback of the audio into the audio digitizing program on my computer. This laptop doesn’t burn CDs or DVDs, so once I get it into digital form, I’ll upload it onto YouTube. I think I’ve got maybe half a dozen full shows on VHS, including the Frank Sinatra tribute that I mentioned in my post here earlier. I’ll post a heads up here, whenever I get some of my WNOP stuff online.

    • Thanks! I look forward to the time I can access it. If I can help, let me know. I have the equipment to convert from VHS to CD or wav and mp3 formats.

      Steve Cumming

    • Hi Scott,

      Looks like you have the same problem I do…. finding time to get a project done. I’m still looking forward to what comes off those VHS tapes.

      Steve Cumming

  19. Great Site. I grew up with WNOP,and have met Walt,Ray, OT and Leo in the past. Attended the jazz fests in Indiana and went to the WNOP reunion in Oakley. I have airchecks of the last day in 2000 and when they switched to all news format with Ray in 1993 or 4. I have 2 with Leo and ray from ’61 that are priceless. Happy to trade as I have most audio formats ( reel,beta,cassette etc) or would assist in any transfer. I watched Leo fall down a flight of steps to return on air the next day at sunrise. A tough Dude! A TV interview of him is somewhere on the net .

  20. Larry, contact me. I have found two WNOP studio interior shots of Ray Scott interviewing Gary Sandy (Andy Travis on “WKRP in Cincinnati”) on the air.

  21. I did an internship here my Senior year in HS I worked with Val Coleman. This was in 1986. I went practically everyday after school. Val was a great mentor and was really interested in me learning some hands on radio experience.

    One day there was a tornado warning and I called in to say I was not coming in but heard that a tornado just went through Newport. I called Val to see how things were. He seemed a bit shaken as things got a bit wild for a bit..

    I really am glad I got a chance to have some experience here. What an adventure…

  22. Great website. I was on WNOP in 1995-6 in the afternoon drive.

    I love the photos and sound check. I am sure an ad on craigslist would yield some old reel to reels and cassettes…locked away in attics these many years.

    Thanks for the memories


  23. Larry, thank you for keeping ‘NOP alive. Just found your blog. Listened to 740 for years, beginning in the late ’50’s-early ’60’s, IIRC. Stone Valley had both jazz and bluegrass festivals. Think Joe Stone had a great idea at the time.
    What was the name…Jack something…who did a live show from a club downtown, maybe from the Gibson’s lounge on Walnut St…or maybe not. Interviewed many personalities who were in town, etc. The photos are great! Wasn’t Leo a WWII B-17 bombardier? Think he received a bad foot wound from flak near his plane, and caused his limp?
    Best regards, Bill O’Neil, still hangin’ in AC513…

  24. My whole morning thing was to wake with WNOP. I loved it all. I hated it when I left it’s low power area. The coolest thing ever in Cincy. Stone Valley was also very cool. Thank you for doing this.

  25. Hi there, my dad just recently told me about the station and was remembering it so fondly that I’ve set out to collect some recordings for him (which is how I stumbled upon this blog). I intend to put together a compilation CD for him for Christmas. If there are any more recordings out there I would love to be directed to them. I read many of the comments above and it sounds like Steve may be of help? I believe my dad mentioned Leo Underhill as a favorite DJ. I’d love some feedback and direction since I’ve never had the pleasure of listening myself! Specifically a set that has some character to it (funny, quintessential, iconic quotes). Thanks!

    • If you will send me an email through my contact page on this website, I will give you a link to a fold of 5 broadcasts and some photos. That is all that I have. If you find more would please contact me again and I would be happy to post them for others to enjoy.- Larry

  26. Jazz and Poetry with OT, Oscar Treadwell, introduced me to Jazz when I was 15 years old.
    When I was 18 I would haul selections of my 78 records to play on the Ray Scott show.
    Nine years later I met Jack Sheldon in LA where I called out ” How’s your bird “…Ray had told me
    stories of Jack at the Penthouse Jazz Club, which was in the basement of the Metropole Hotel.
    Dee Felice and Dick Pike were the club owners then. Jack had fond memories of the early 60’s
    playing in Cincinnati.

    Once driving Leo to the Blue Wisp for Big Band night, he got up to introduce the band his pants fell to his ankles. Everyone applauded thinking it planned. Good thing old Undies had boxer shorts on.

    Many, many great memories of the Jazz Ark.

  27. I moved to Cincinnati from Tampa, Fl in August 1975. WNOP was my true jazz education. I learned
    about jazz for the first time and was introduced to musicians never mentioned in the south. Jeep’s
    Blues has stayed with me as have so many other pieces and artists. It was new to me to hear older white radio personalities airing black artists and apparently knowing some of them personally.
    WNOP and the jazz community of Cincinnati and northern Kentucky had a profound affect on
    this then 22 year old new college graduate in town to seek his fortune.

  28. Larry I’ve found a new photo of the JAZZ ARK on google images it’s still there but forgotten about . Its been pushed down the river Could it be pulled out and save? It’s a piece of history for Cincinnati and us, if somewhat restored it would need speakers on the outside to play the old tapes lps and cd for everyone to enjoy. WNOP Who Needs Our Problems. Help SAVED the JAZZ ARK.

  29. I am Leo Underhill’s grandson. I have recently begun to try and piece together a history of his life. This page has been absolutely wonderful. If anyone knew Leo, please contact me. Thank you. -Greg Underhill (underhgk@gmail.com)

  30. Wow. This site is great! Happened to Google WNOP (which I have done a few times in the past) and found this site. Brings back memories of the days in the mid/late 60s, in middle and high school listening to Leo and Ray and the others. It was such a cool thing to do then. We lived in Hamilton, OH and my Dad worked at WLW. He was into the jazz scene (Surf Club, Blind Lemon..) in CIncy and always had WNOP on in the car. If it wasn’t for ‘NOP, I wouldn’t have developed my love for jazz. Full stop. Thanks for creating this page.

  31. Hey everyone GO to YOUTUBE type in LEO UNDERHILL and you will see the jazz ark with Blue paint and a look inside the ark + the Gray Wolf RAY SCOTT. I found this under Please Don t Die Tonight name on youtube, also there is no ‘ in middle of the N or T and LEO has his hat on. A TRULY GREAT SOUND THE SOUND OF JAZZ ON WNOP IN NEWPORT KENTUCKY. Oscar Treadwell.

    • I’ve found the lost city of the JAZZ ARK it’s in Belleview Sand & Gravel, Belleview Rd, Petersburg, KY and you can still see it on google earth tied down. May the lost never be forgotten. WNOP in Petersburg Kentucky.

  32. august 4, 2016
    my mom and i were fans in the “60’s- i want to hear jackie sheldon music and joke sets. remember this- a wet bird never flies at nite. ? a comedian Norm? what about Sex life of Primates? does anyone have a copy of that?

    who out there remembers the wnop of the 60’s????

    barb ash carrell

  33. In the mid 1960s my good buddy Teddy Taylor and I were the only avid jazz fans in our high school class in the rural Kentucky town of Cynthiana. Other than our regular jazz vinyl listening sessions, all we had to satisfy our jazz cravings was WNOP. We listened to it at every opportunity—and loved it—so much in fact that we attended the Ohio Valley Jazz Festival at the old Crosley Field Stadium one year. In 1967, again thanks to the influence of WNOP, we ventured into the jazz big time, driving all the way to the Newport Jazz Festival, for us the Mecca of live jazz. It remains the pinnacle of our jazz experience in this lifetime. But we’ll never forget the Jazz Ark and all the great listening it gave us. WNOP: We’re North of Paraguay; WNOP: Winos Neglect Our President What a great station. We were lucky to have it; we’ll never forget it.

  34. Ray Scott should have it made
    But he’s to lazy to learn a trade
    He’s underworked and overpaid
    on WNOP….
    (cue the trombones)

    • Close.
      Ray Scott could have it made
      But he’s too tired to learn a trade
      He’s underworked and overpaid
      On WNOP

      El Lobo Plato

  35. A truly trivial NOP memory – – pales in comparison to the great jazz & comedy (surely the only such station in the world) – – Karolyn Rose (Pete’s 1st wife, I think) had a 5 minute sports show, back when we had a hockey team. I was always convinced that she was on the air because she was so delighted to say “Puck Off time is 7:30!” There was very little content on air that was not subversive. WNOP was to Cincinnati what Jonathan Winters was to Dayton – – something that made us Buckeyes walk a little taller. Thanks for creating a virtual barbershop and/or saloon where it’s worthwhile hanging out. Why Not Osculate Publicly?

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